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The Role of Food in Romance: The Perfect Recipe for a Truly Special Valentine’s Day

Posted by Reuben Mickles on

It’s that special time of the year again — Valentine’s Day is almost here! For people who have special ones in their lives, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to take some time off the busy schedule, suspend one or two activities, and create a moment for these special ones.


But this is not because February 14th is the only day in the whole year that you can show your loved ones that they are special to you. It’s all about the season and the waves it carries with it. It’s a beautiful time for lots of couples to get intentional about showing their partners or spouses that they do care about them, reaffirm their vows, and look forward to a better future together.


So, how do I make Valentine`s Day truly special for my partner? Great question, but that’s precisely why we are here. Ever thought about setting up a romantic dinner for two - with all the paraphernalia and romantic nuances that make for a perfect date? Yes, we all know how central the role of food is in our romantic adventures. The good thing, though, is that we can all get creative and intentional about it. It makes all the difference!


In this piece, we`ll talk about the role of food in romance since our relationships would transcend Valentine`s Day, and we intend to make them long-lasting. Also, we`ll leave you a perfect recipe for a special Valentine’s Day. However, just before we delve into that, here’s a quick tip on how to plan towards a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Best Tips for Planning a Perfect Valentine’s Day

  • Be deliberate about what to say on that day. Be intentional about every word, and make sure you`re creative about saying it. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, you should find out how best to present your words to your partner.
  • Find the perfect spot. Well, this shouldn’t be hard if you know them well. You`ll get many classic date ideas just by searching the internet. We suggest a cozy environment for a romantic dinner, preferably a place that serves their favorite foods or a place that especially touches their/your memory.
  • Make reservations if necessary. Whether it’s dinner at home or a location far away from home, you want to be sure that everything is in place.
  • Be sure you understand what speaks to your partner the most. We suggest getting to know their love language. That way, you can express love to them in a most effective manner.
  • Finally, do this as often as you can. It shouldn’t be a February 14 ritual.



Okay, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

The Role of Food in a Romantic Relationship

Studies and observations have revealed that buying someone a meal or cooking for them is often an indicator of romantic involvement or romantic interest in the supposed receiver. In other words, buying or cooking a meal for someone you care about is a socially recognized way to indicate or reaffirm your romantic interest in the person.


It is no wonder that most first-time dates and relationships often begin with quality time in good restaurants with good foods. There’s no doubt whether love and food are related. The majority of Valentine’s Day gifts and packages include food items like chocolates, ice creams, cakes, fruits, wines, and so on. This age-long linkage between food and romance plays a vital role in our relationships, and this is true whether we realize it or not.


Scientists have made it a bit clearer for those who don’t understand the inexplicable connection between food and romance. It’s been found that the human body produces the same reward hormones — dopamine and norepinephrine — when we enjoy our meal and when we feel loved. The fact that they produce the same feeling in us gives some clarity as to why you’d typically spend a lot of time shopping for the best ingredients and then spend hours making a meal for your partner. Here are the effects of this connection in our relationships.

#1 Food allows you to create a long-lasting bond of affection with your partner

Countless times, a great meal provides an avenue for a heart-to-heart conversation. This is not to say that you can only look forward to having a great conversation with your spouse when there’s food. Instead, the availability of food and drinks in such meetings brings a unique flavor to the discussion. And sometimes, the best way to get quality time with someone you care about is to make them their best meals.


You’ll sometimes find that couples who have had a misunderstanding get together and makeup over their favorite meals or in a favorite restaurant. Go figure!

#2 Great meals show how much we love our partners

One thing is sure. The quality of time we put into making a special meal for a particular person goes as practical evidence of how much we care about them. Beyond appetite, some people are moved to like a person more when they discover that they have excellent culinary skills.


The owner of the skill, on the other hand, is often going to want to display their talents — even though this display comes with some inconvenience — perhaps in the hope that the other person will find them attractive. You’ll mostly find this in the beginning stages of several relationships. Many persons are on the lookout for fine culinary skills as a must-have in a potential mate.

#3 Most people lose appetite for food after a breakup

Yes, most of us have been there. Strange, painful feeling, right? Well, here goes the reason you were willing to starve yourself because someone you deeply cared about decided to walk away. If on that day, business had gone wrong or you failed an exam in school, you may not have skipped dinner that night or several meals after. But losing a loved one, either due to a breakup or fatal accident, marks a toll on us.


The relationship between food and love is an interesting one. Perhaps more scientific research will uncover more amazing details.


Now that you understand the importance of food in a typical romantic relationship, you have a chance to make this Valentine’s Day a truly special one with a thoughtful homemade meal. As promised earlier, we have a perfect recipe to help you get things rolling. So let’s get on with it.

Parmesan Mayonnaise Baked Chicken Breast: Best Recipe

Who doesn’t like well-made chicken breasts? We’ve chosen this recipe because it’s easy to make, it takes very little time, and the ingredients are equally easy to get. So even with a cooking skill of, say, 3/10, you can still get a good job done.



Alright, here are the ingredients and materials you’ll need for this recipe:


  • Skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • Mayonnaise for coating the chicken breasts. An alternative to mayo is yogurt
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Italian bread crumbs (optional)
  • An oven with a rack
  • A flip, preferably, a tong or fork
  • For variety, you can add in any spicing you feel will generally add to the taste of your chicken breast


  • Preheat your oven to 400°F. If you’re using a convection oven, preheat to 375°F. Trim pat dry 3 or 4 chicken breasts.


  • In a large bowl, mix about ½ cup of mayonnaise, a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese, half teaspoon of garlic powder, a quarter teaspoon of pepper, and ¾ teaspoon of seasoning salt.


  • In the oven, place a rack and lay it with aluminum foil for easy cleaning after cooking. The essence of the rack is to ensure that the chicken breasts all come out crisp all over.


  • Next, dip the chicken breasts in the mixture you prepared in step two above. Ensure that every part of the chicken surface is coated, but keep the coating light.


  • You can sprinkle the coated chicken breasts with a light amount of Italian bread crumbs. A little about will be enough to add some flavor and crispiness to the chicken.


  • Now, bake the prepped chicken breasts in the oven. Watch until the internal temperature hits 165°F for 40 minutes. However, ensure to flip the chicken at regular intervals of 20 minutes with a fork or tong. Please take out your chicken, and serve them any time between 5 and10 minutes.

You are now ready to give your special one a well-deserved homemade Valentine’s Day test. To get the best result from this recipe, you can use the following tips.

  • Ensure the chickens are of similar size. This will ensure even cooking.
  • Ensure you pat dry the chicken to let the coating stick better.
  • Keep the coating and bread crumbs kept light.
  • You can add in any other fitting spice of your choice.

Final Words

Here are two more tips to make this truly sensational: get a fine bottle of wine, preferably their best choice. Secondly, keep it a surprise. And there you have it! The perfect recipe for a special Valentine’s Day.

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